Vintage Hankie hair kercheifs for toddlers!

I have a real thing about vintage hankies. I love them. I have a massive stack that sits in my wardrobe, and I keep acquiring more of them. Thing is, I have the attitude that they are far too pretty to use. So they just languish in lavender colored paper, and never see the light of day. That’s no fun for me, or for them.

So, I was wishing the other day for some pretty kerchiefs to hold the twins hair back out of their faces. (Ok, to be honest we are all three *still* sick and I was wishing for some kercheifs to keep their hair out of their…snot. Sorry. But that is the ugly truth of Motherhood.)

Anyway, I thought of these little beauties and banged up a whole load of them in between blowing my nose and the kids noses (not on the same hankies, don’t panic!). Give em a try, because they’re fab. The pretty hankies get some use, no boogers in the hair (or in the case of Baking Day, no hair in the cake!) and they are soft and wash up beautifully. Here’s the how to, thanks to Picnik. (I love Picnik. I want to marry Picnik when I grow up. Seriously.) Just click through for the bigger pictures, I didn’t want the page to take forever to load for you guys!

(NOTE: To start with, make sure you hold the folded hankie from step 1 in place on your munchkins head to get an idea of how long the elastic needs to be to go under the back of their head and keep the kerchief snug. It’s going to be pretty short for a toddler. The pieces I used were about and inch and a half total, with about an inch showing outside the seam, but being preemie twins my girls are *tiny* for their age. This is why I haven’t given a measurement for the elastic. )